Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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protective helmets for seizures

Do you offer different Protective Helmets for Seizures?

We do not offer different protective helmets for seizures.  All of our helmets will work to protect your child from any type of cranial injury.  They can be used to help children who have seizures, cerebral palsy or even, spasticity.  Each of our helmets is made from a high quality rubber, so they offer the […]

equipment for special needs

Are helmets considered Equipment for Special Needs?

If you are speaking from the point of view of your insurance company, then helmets may be considered equipment for special needs.  Because there are so many different types of insurance, your best solution to this problem is to contact your agent.  They will be able to tell you if a helmet is covered under […]

medical safety equipment

My insurance will not cover Medical Safety Equipment

Many times, insurance companies will not cover medical safety equipment.  This is due to the limits built into the policies, and can often be frustrating for parents who have children who need these items.  That is one of the reasons that we make our helmets so affordable.  We want to protect children from head injuries, […]

epilepsy helmet

I am worried about getting an Epilepsy Helmet for my child

While some parents may worry that an epilepsy helmet will harm their child’s social interactions, they have to consider the safety of their child first.  A child with epilepsy may suffer from unexpected seizures.  These cause the muscles of the body to stop working, which leads to the child falling down and having spasms.  During […]

Does my insurance cover helmets as Pediatric Products?

With the large variety of different insurance plans available, yours may or may not cover a helmet under the heading of pediatric products.  If your doctor recommends a helmet for your child, the only way to find out if it is covered under your insurance policy is to ask your agent.  They will be able […]

Why are you considered Special Needs Equipment Vendors

The reason that we are considered special needs equipment vendors is because we supply helmets to help protect children and adults who suffer from specific problems.  If they suffer from seizures, then our helmets can help protect them during a fall.  This also applies to people who have problems with balance, such as the elderly.  […]

Where would my child wear Protective Helmets for Epilepsy

If your child needs to wear protective helmets for epilepsy, they should wear them almost everywhere.  Around the house, the helmet protects them from injury if they fall and impact their heads on a coffee table or bookcase.  Outside, these same helmets protect them from falling on concrete or hitting their heads on a rock […]

Should my doctor recommend Equipment for Children with Special Needs

If you feel that your child needs equipment for children with special needs, it is important to include your doctor in this decision.  He may have specific recommendations about what type of equipment your child should use.  He may also let you know how to use the helmet to protect your child from injury and […]

Should I have Helmets for Mentally Challenged Children

To answer the question on having helmets for mentally challenged children, you have to consider what type of challenge they have.  If their problem is associated with self abuse, then you would want to prevent cranial injuries by having them wear a helmet.  If they are likely to bang their head on a wall, again […]

My doctor recommended Helmets for Head Banging Children

If you have a child that uses self abuse to express themselves, then your doctor is correct.  Using helmets for head banging (the act of hitting their head on a wall or floor) children could mean the difference between a minor accident and a trip to the emergency room.  Because of the dangers posed by […]

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