Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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The #1 Soft Helmet for Supporting Children & Adults Dealing with Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral palsy affects both children and adults differently, but a common issue is a heightened risk of falling due to the disorder commonly affecting balance and coordination.

Guardian Helmets were uniquely and specifically designed to provide maximum head protection during a fall, using an innovative smart molecule technology that locks tightly on impact, dispersing the absorbed energy before returning to it’s fluid state.

By utilizing Guardian’s cerebral palsy helmet, falls becomes less troublesome and injury-prone, without sacrificing comfort. 


  • The hook and loop chin strap combined with adjustable laces in the back, enables the soft helmet to custom fit each persons head
  • LYCRA surrounds the outer shell, allowing air to flow throughout and prevent the wearer from enduring any extra heat
  • Medical grade, lightweight and breathable with rate sensitive material
  • Guardian’s cerebral palsy helmets have undergone rigorous load impact testing
  • Full head coverage, enhanced ear protection and offers 100% peripheral vision
  • No metal or hard plastic components or parts


Any kind of high impact or even repetitive smaller impacts to the head can lead to serious long-term brain issues. Every individual and case is different, but for parent the concern that their child may cause brain damage by hitting their head if they fall often is a legitimate one. With Guardian’s Cerebral Palsy helmet head falls become less impactful and less likely to cause long-term effects.

Yes, but some protect better than others or in different ways. Guardian’s soft protective helmets were specifically designed for impact protection with repetitive hits in mind, originally developed for sports purposes, then improved for medical grade use and FDA registered. Our Cerebral Palsy helmets provide 360 degree protection, including advanced ear and chin protection, and use patented smart molecule technology to minimize impact damage.

Cerebral palsy can cause varying degrees of mobility limitations, which can create balance issues and restrict general coordination. Adults with cerebral palsy actually tend to have more issue with falling than teens and children due to the increasing decline of mobility and motor function. 

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