Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Guardian ships worldwide anywhere people need head protection.

Guardian can do orders in multiple colors or set up custom silk screening simply contact us for more information and pricing.

Yes, we do!  We accept PURCHASE ORDERS from all schools, districts, and institutions. Please send your PO to [email protected].
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Most Guardian orders ship within 48-72 hours of the order time.

Yes, fill out the form here to learn about group or organizational bulk discounts.

This accessory is specially crafted with the unique needs of individuals with special conditions, including autism, in mind. Caregivers, who often look out for these individuals, will find this product particularly valuable. Its thoughtful design prioritizes comfort and functionality, offering a wider surface area under the chin to reduce pressure and enhance comfort during extended periods of use. This accessory also serves as a reliable locking device, ensuring the Guardian Helmet stays securely fastened and in place, even when an individual might tug at it. This thoughtful design aims to provide convenience and assurance for both caregivers and those they care for.

Yes. We have local dealers in most states and are constantly expanding. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us!

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