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epilepsy helmet

I am worried about getting an Epilepsy Helmet for my child

While some parents may worry that an epilepsy helmet will harm their child’s social interactions, they have to consider the safety of their child first.  A child with epilepsy may suffer from unexpected seizures.  These cause the muscles of the body to stop working, which leads to the child falling down and having spasms.  During this fall, the child’s head may come into contact with the ground, leading to cranial injury.

Can I also get an Epilepsy Helmet for an adult?

Anyone who suffers from seizures can use an epilepsy helmet to limit the damage their skull received during a fall.  Our helmets can cover anyone who has a head from 18 inches to 26 inches in circumference.  This can give even adults the ability to feel more confident.  You may also feel safer during the times when you are away from your home.

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