Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Protect Smaller Children with Pediatric Products

While helmets have long been considered necessary wear for children with certain physical disabilities, they can also be used to protect smaller children. When used in combination with other pediatric products, our helmets can help reduce the damage caused by falling.  They can also help your child when he or she is first learning to […]

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My Doctor Recommends Medical Safety Equipment for After My Surgery

The reason that a helmet is considered medical safety equipment after any type of head surgery is that it takes time for the bone to repair itself.  This can be crucial to the overall healing process that occurs when patients have cranial surgery.  Patients are often required to wear some type of protective headgear, to […]

medical safety equipment

My insurance will not cover Medical Safety Equipment

Many times, insurance companies will not cover medical safety equipment.  This is due to the limits built into the policies, and can often be frustrating for parents who have children who need these items.  That is one of the reasons that we make our helmets so affordable.  We want to protect children from head injuries, […]

Does my insurance cover helmets as Pediatric Products?

With the large variety of different insurance plans available, yours may or may not cover a helmet under the heading of pediatric products.  If your doctor recommends a helmet for your child, the only way to find out if it is covered under your insurance policy is to ask your agent.  They will be able […]

I sell Pediatric Products, can I carry your helmets in my store

Because we offer helmets in sizes that will fit heads that are as small as 18 to 19 inches in circumference, they can be carried in your store that carries pediatric products.  If you would like the opportunity to carry our products in your existing store, please contact us directly at 800.710.9545.  We can help […]

Finding the Best Equipment for Children with Special Needs

Finding the Best Equipment for Children with Special Needs Often your doctor will require you to purchase equipment for children with special needs.  It can be difficult to find the right equipment and make sure you only get the highest quality for your child.  Our helmets are made from EVA rubber, which offers the best […]

Do you offer Helmets as Pediatric Products for Smaller Children?

Do you offer Helmets as Pediatric Products for Smaller Children? We carry a variety of different sized helmets that can be used as pediatric products for smaller children.  To find the correct size, you will need to measure the circumference of your child’s head.  This measurement should be taken about one inch above the eyebrows […]

Are Helmets parts of a Child’s Medical Safety Equipment?

Are Helmets parts of a Child’s Medical Safety Equipment? Helmets can be considered part of a child’s medical safety equipment, if they suffer from a disorder that can cause injury to the skull.  This can be from seizures, such as those caused by epilepsy, or from lack of coordination, such as cerebral palsy.  They can […]

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