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Do you offer Helmets as Pediatric Products for Smaller Children?

Do you offer Helmets as Pediatric Products for Smaller Children?

We carry a variety of different sized helmets that can be used as pediatric products for smaller children.  To find the correct size, you will need to measure the circumference of your child’s head.  This measurement should be taken about one inch above the eyebrows and should be slightly above the ears.  If you do not have a cloth tape measure, you can use a string and then measure the length of the string with a standard tape measure.  You must remember to keep the string or tape measure parallel to the floor for accurate measurements.

Are Helmets Pediatric Products for Children?

Many parents have to consider the question of whether the helmets for their children are considered pediatric products, so that they will be covered by their insurance.  Because each insurance company differs, you should contact your provider to see if a helmet would be covered under your current medical plan.  You should never assume it is covered just because it was recommended by your doctor.

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