Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Protect Smaller Children with Pediatric Products

While helmets have long been considered necessary wear for children with certain physical disabilities, they can also be used to protect smaller children. When used in combination with other pediatric products, our helmets can help reduce the damage caused by falling.  They can also help your child when he or she is first learning to walk.

Help children stay safe when learning to walk with Pediatric Products

The first thing a child learn about when they start walking is falling.  This is not that the children have a physical disability, it is that they have to learn the motor control and balance necessary to walk successfully.  While this is a proud moment for parents, it is also a cautious one.  By using our pediatric products, your child’s head can be protected from injury when they are first learning this skill.  They are designed to resist impact, making them ideal for children who are taking those first tentative steps.

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