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Are Helmets parts of a Child’s Medical Safety Equipment?

Are Helmets parts of a Child’s Medical Safety Equipment?

Helmets can be considered part of a child’s medical safety equipment, if they suffer from a disorder that can cause injury to the skull.  This can be from seizures, such as those caused by epilepsy, or from lack of coordination, such as cerebral palsy.  They can also help children who suffer from self-abuse syndromes, where they are likely to bang their heads on walls or floors.

Does Insurance cover Medical Safety Equipment?

There are so many different types of insurance, it is impossible to say for certain that yours covers medical safety equipment.  If your child requires a helmet to protect their skull, then you should contact your doctor and see if he will authorize the purchase.  After you have a doctor’s authorization, then you should contact your insurance company to see if it will be covered under your current policy.

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