Do you offer different Protective Helmets for Seizures?

Do you offer different Protective Helmets for Seizures?
May 25, 2012 GuardianHelmets
protective helmets for seizures

We do not offer different protective helmets for seizures.  All of our helmets will work to protect your child from any type of cranial injury.  They can be used to help children who have seizures, cerebral palsy or even, spasticity.  Each of our helmets is made from a high quality rubber, so they offer the best protection available for your child.  They are tested by professional athletes, so you know they will stand up to most impacts.

Why would I use Protective Helmets for Seizures?

When someone is having a seizure, all of the muscles in their body start to spasm.  This causes the muscles to lock into place, keeping the person from holding their balance and leading to falling.  Our protective helmets for seizures help protect the skull from injury that can occur during this fall.  They also help parents of these children feel more comfortable about letting their children play outside or go to school.







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