Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Should my doctor recommend Equipment for Children with Special Needs

If you feel that your child needs equipment for children with special needs, it is important to include your doctor in this decision.  He may have specific recommendations about what type of equipment your child should use.  He may also let you know how to use the helmet to protect your child from injury and when you should have him or her use the helmet.

Using Equipment for Children with Special Needs at School

One of the places that children go every day is to school.  They are away from their parents and, for parents with special needs children; this can be a time of anxiety.  Using our helmets as equipment for children with special needs can help make this time less scary.  You will know your child is protected from head injuries and will be able to play outside without fear of damage in the event of a seizure or a fall.

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