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My doctor recommended Helmets for Head Banging Children

If you have a child that uses self abuse to express themselves, then your doctor is correct.  Using helmets for head banging (the act of hitting their head on a wall or floor) children could mean the difference between a minor accident and a trip to the emergency room.  Because of the dangers posed by injuries to the head, it is important to protect your child as much as possible.

Can I get a discount on Helmets for Head Banging Patients

We do provide different discounts on helmets for head banging patients.  To find out if you qualify for one of our discounts, please feel free to call us at 800.710.9545.  Our customer service agents will be happy to help you find the best price for our helmets.  We also offer volume discounts, so if you need to order a large quantity of helmets, let us know before you place your first order, so we can help apply any available discounts.

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