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Should I have Helmets for Mentally Challenged Children

To answer the question on having helmets for mentally challenged children, you have to consider what type of challenge they have.  If their problem is associated with self abuse, then you would want to prevent cranial injuries by having them wear a helmet.  If they are likely to bang their head on a wall, again a helmet is a safe precaution to use.  You should consult your doctor to see if a helmet is the best solution to your child’s physical needs.

Can you also get Helmets for Mentally Challenged Adults

Helmets for mentally challenged adults provide the same function as they do for children.  These adults may have periods of self abuse and a helmet will help protect them from cranial injury.  You may also want to consider this type of protection for someone who has issues with their balance.  Our helmets are designed to help protect their skulls if they ever lose their balance and fall.

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