Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Why are you considered Special Needs Equipment Vendors

The reason that we are considered special needs equipment vendors is because we supply helmets to help protect children and adults who suffer from specific problems.  If they suffer from seizures, then our helmets can help protect them during a fall.  This also applies to people who have problems with balance, such as the elderly.  Our helmets even help people with disorders such as hemophilia.

My doctor said my child would need extra protection and should use Special Needs Equipment

Often children who need extra protection receive special needs equipment to help them avoid injury.  Using the example of a child who has hemophilia (a disorder that prevents blood from clotting), our helmets could help stop an injury to the head from turning into a bleeding nightmare.  They also protect children who have more common problems such as accidents where there has been some damage to the skull.  Our helmets can help during recovery by keeping the head safe until the bones are healed.

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