Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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How many Special Needs Helmets should I own

Because our special needs helmets are completely washable, you should only need to have two or three on hand.  This lets your child wear a replacement helmet while the first one is being washed.  Because they are made from EVA rubber, they can take up to 24 hours to be completely dry.  This is why […]

Helmets can work as Equipment for Children with Special Needs

Our helmets are designed to work as equipment for children with special needs.  They can help absorb any type of impact with the skull that could result in cranial injury.  They can protect children who suffer from self-abuse, spasticity and epilepsy.  They also help with children who have hemophilia, helping prevent injuries that could break […]

Choosing Special Needs Equipment for your Children

When you are going to choose special needs equipment for your children, you have to keep in mind what type of disability they have.  If they have a problem with falling or banging their heads, then you may want to include a helmet in your selection.  We offer several different sized helmets for any age […]

Can I order Special Needs Equipment Online

There are several different types of special needs equipment available online.  You should always consult with your doctor to see exactly what type of equipment you need.  Your doctor may also have to fill out a request for the equipment so that it can be covered by your medical insurance.  Always work with your doctor […]

Can I get Helmets for Mentally Challenged patients in my care?

Because you do not need a prescription to purchase our helmets, you are able to buy helmets for mentally challenged individuals at any time.  The only question would be your ability to offer these helmets to your patients.  If you are their primary caregiver, then you may be able to order these items because they […]

Can I order Special Needs Equipment for Children Overseas?

If you are living outside of the United States, it may be hard to order special needs equipment for children.  To help with this issue, we at Guardian Helmets will ship our helmets anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is contact us directly to process your order.  You can reach us by […]

Can adults get Protective Helmets for Epilepsy?

Our protective helmets for epilepsy are designed to work for children and adults.  All you need is an accurate measurement of your head and you can then find the proper sized helmet.  We offer directions on how to achieve the best measurement to make sure your helmet fits comfortably.  You should take this measurement with […]

Can a School offer Helmets for Special Needs Children?

A school could offer helmets for special needs children, but they should only have the child wear the helmet with the permission of the parents.  They should also make sure that this permission is given in writing, so they will have a legal document saying they are authorized to use one of their helmets on […]

Are there specific Helmets for Head Banging?

We do not have specific helmets for head banging because all of our helmets will protect your child’s cranium from damage.  It does not matter if the impact is from head banging or from a fall, our helmets are tested to resist impacts and prevent cranial injuries.  You can also use our helmets to help […]

Are Helmets Equipment for Special Needs Children?

A helmet may be considered equipment for special needs children and adults.  These helmets are designed to protect the skull from impacts resulting in falling and/or walking into barriers, such as walls and corners.  They can also help you protect adults who may have lost some motor control, such as from a stroke, or from […]

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