Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Can I get Helmets for Mentally Challenged patients in my care?

Because you do not need a prescription to purchase our helmets, you are able to buy helmets for mentally challenged individuals at any time.  The only question would be your ability to offer these helmets to your patients.  If you are their primary caregiver, then you may be able to order these items because they are medically necessary.  Please consult their physician before you make this type of determination.

Protect your Children from Self-Abuse with Helmets for the Mentally Challenged

You can protect your children who have self-abuse issues by having them wear helmets for the mentally challenged.  These helmets will protect them from damage caused by head banging or from damage if they hit themselves on the head with objects.  You can avoid trips to the hospital by letting our helmets absorb the impact instead of your child’s skull.

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