Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Are there specific Helmets for Head Banging?

We do not have specific helmets for head banging because all of our helmets will protect your child’s cranium from damage.  It does not matter if the impact is from head banging or from a fall, our helmets are tested to resist impacts and prevent cranial injuries.  You can also use our helmets to help children who suffer from self-abuse, stopping them from injuring themselves if they hit their head with a foreign object.

Do you offer facial guards with your Helmets for Head Banging Children?

Our helmets for head banging children are designed to allow your child to enjoy 180 degrees of vision.  A face guard is a separate piece that we do not currently offer.  You should consult your doctor to determine if your child would also need facial protection or if cranial protection would be sufficient.  Always speak to a doctor before making any decisions regarding the health of your child who has a disability.

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