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Are Helmets Equipment for Special Needs Children?

A helmet may be considered equipment for special needs children and adults.  These helmets are designed to protect the skull from impacts resulting in falling and/or walking into barriers, such as walls and corners.  They can also help you protect adults who may have lost some motor control, such as from a stroke, or from falling out of their chair.  The impact resistant helmets from Guardian Helmets can be used for any sized individual, from a child learning to walk to an adult who is suffering from seizures.

Using a Helmet as Equipment for your Special Needs Child

Your doctor may have recommended for your child wear a helmet when they play to avoid injury to their head.  This type of equipment for special needs children is often necessary to prevent them from falling or running into a barrier.  These helmets are designed to absorb the impact with the outside surface, protecting their skull from damage and can prevent trips to the emergency room for parents.

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