Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Protecting your skull with Equipment for Special Needs Adults

To protect your skull from injury, you may want to purchase equipment for special needs adults.  Our helmets are part of this type of equipment and are designed to resist the impact that can occur during a fall.  This is especially important for people who suffer from disorders such as epilepsy where they could fall […]

Can an adult use Protective Helmets for Seizures

Protective helmets for seizures are useful for both children and adults.  Adults benefit because when they suffer from seizures, they often lose control of their arms and legs.  This leads to falling and no way to protect the head from an impact with a wall or the ground.  Adults can also use these helmets to […]

Can I order Special Needs Equipment Online

There are several different types of special needs equipment available online.  You should always consult with your doctor to see exactly what type of equipment you need.  Your doctor may also have to fill out a request for the equipment so that it can be covered by your medical insurance.  Always work with your doctor […]

Can I get Helmets for Mentally Challenged patients in my care?

Because you do not need a prescription to purchase our helmets, you are able to buy helmets for mentally challenged individuals at any time.  The only question would be your ability to offer these helmets to your patients.  If you are their primary caregiver, then you may be able to order these items because they […]

Can adults get Protective Helmets for Epilepsy?

Our protective helmets for epilepsy are designed to work for children and adults.  All you need is an accurate measurement of your head and you can then find the proper sized helmet.  We offer directions on how to achieve the best measurement to make sure your helmet fits comfortably.  You should take this measurement with […]

Using Helmets as Equipment for Special Needs Adults

Using Helmets as Equipment for Special Needs Adults Many people think that helmets are designed as equipment for special needs children, but they can also be used by adults.  Adults, especially the elderly, who are confined to a wheelchair, may not be able to protect themselves when they fall.  A helmet will help them avoid […]

Can an Adult get an Epilepsy Helmet?

Can an Adult get an Epilepsy Helmet? Our helmets come in sizes that will fit both adults and children.  If you follow the measurement guidelines on our sizing chart, you will be able to purchase the correct epilepsy helmet for yourself.  This measurement is easier to perform if you have assistance, so you should get […]

Adults need Equipment for Special Needs Too

Adults who have a problem with balance, or who are likely to fall, need equipment for special needs too, such as our helmets.  We offer a variety of sizes for children or adults, so they can always find the helmet that will fit their head.  They are designed to protect the skull during falls, so […]

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