Can an Adult get an Epilepsy Helmet?

Can an Adult get an Epilepsy Helmet?
March 27, 2012 GuardianHelmets

Can an Adult get an Epilepsy Helmet?

Our helmets come in sizes that will fit both adults and children.  If you follow the measurement guidelines on our sizing chart, you will be able to purchase the correct epilepsy helmet for yourself.  This measurement is easier to perform if you have assistance, so you should get a friend or relative to help you to find the correct circumference for your head.  This is because you have to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor, which is hard to judge when looking in a mirror or just by feel alone.

What is an Epilepsy Helmet?

An epilepsy helmet is a specially designed helmet that will help protect your head during falls that are caused by seizures.  During a seizure, you can lose motor control of your arms and legs.  If this happens, you will have to way to catch yourself, or protect your head if you fall during a seizure.







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