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Using Helmets as Equipment for Special Needs Adults

Using Helmets as Equipment for Special Needs Adults

Many people think that helmets are designed as equipment for special needs children, but they can also be used by adults.  Adults, especially the elderly, who are confined to a wheelchair, may not be able to protect themselves when they fall.  A helmet will help them avoid injury to their skull during these dangerous events.  One of the leading causes of injury in older adults is falling, often leading to broken bones and fractures to their hips and arms.

Equipment for Special Needs Children and Adults are Affordable

Medical equipment for special needs children and adults can be very expensive.  Our helmets are more affordable than most other types of medical equipment, and protect the most important part of your body, the head.  You can order our helmets in a variety of sizes.  They are constructed from EVA rubber and have a Lycra shell that allows airflow and helps eliminate extra heat.

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