Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Protecting your skull with Equipment for Special Needs Adults

To protect your skull from injury, you may want to purchase equipment for special needs adults.  Our helmets are part of this type of equipment and are designed to resist the impact that can occur during a fall.  This is especially important for people who suffer from disorders such as epilepsy where they could fall from a seizure.  It can also help protect you if you suffer from hemophilia, stopping you from getting a cut on your head and bleeding.

Using Equipment for Special Needs Adults

Our helmets are considered equipment for special needs adults and children.  They are easy to use and are designed to be comfortable to wear.  They have a single chinstrap that can be fastened to keep the helmet in place.  They are also made from washable rubber, so they are easy to keep clean.  All you need to do is measure your head to determine the correct size helmet to order.

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