Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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protective helmets for seizures

Epileptic children may need Protective Helmets for Seizures

The main problem for children with epilepsy is that they could fall during a seizure and suffer cranial injury.  Our protective helmets for seizures can help by offering a layer of protection between your child’s head and any surface they may encounter if they fall during a seizure.  They are made from EVA foam and […]

helmets for the mentally challenged

Protect your Child with Helmets for the Mentally Challenged

Your children will be safer if they wear helmets for mentally challenged children.  Our helmets are designed to lower the risk of injury associated with a fall or with bouts of self-abuse.  They are made from high quality EVA rubber foam, making them lightweight, comfortable and impact resistant.  Each of our helmets are held to […]

equipment for special needs

Create Personalized Helmets as Equipment for Special Needs

If your child needs to use a helmet as equipment for special needs, there are a few ways to make it more personal.  One way, especially if this is a temporary situation, is to have their friends and family autograph their helmet.  This is similar to having people sign a cast, it makes them feel […]

special needs equipment

Choosing Helmets as Part of your Special Needs Equipment

When you are choosing what special needs equipment you need, it may be wise to include helmets in your selection.  The reason for this is that helmets are designed to protect you from injuries associated with falls.  This can be useful for people with epilepsy, where a seizure can strike without warning and cause you […]

special needs helmet

I want to get the correct size Special Needs Helmets for my child

It is important to get the right sized special needs helmets for your child.  The easiest way to insure you order the correct sized helmet is to use our easy measurement directions.  All you have to do is take a piece of string and wrap it around your child’s head.  Keep it about 1 inch […]

children with special needs

How do your helmets serve as Equipment for Children with Special Needs?

Our helmets are designed as equipment for children with special needs because they provide protection from cranial injuries.  These are important for children who suffer from disorders such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  They can also provide extra protection for children who have hemophilia, protecting them from open wounds to their heads.  They are a […]

Should I have Helmets for Mentally Challenged Children

To answer the question on having helmets for mentally challenged children, you have to consider what type of challenge they have.  If their problem is associated with self abuse, then you would want to prevent cranial injuries by having them wear a helmet.  If they are likely to bang their head on a wall, again […]

I want to find Equipment for my Special Needs Parent

Many people have visions of their parents living forever.  This is never the case as parents eventually age and may need some assistance in their later years.  Our helmets can prevent many of the injuries that could result from an older person falling.  It cushions the skull from damage, keeping your family members safe, even […]

Protection with Helmets for Mentally Challenged Adults

Adults can also benefit from use our helmets for the mentally challenged.  Adults with certain disabilities may have problems with balance and self-abuse.  Our helmets can help protect their heads from injury in the event of a fall or during a bout of abuse.  This is also helpful when preventing injury that can aggravate certain […]

Can I get Helmets for Mentally Challenged patients in my care?

Because you do not need a prescription to purchase our helmets, you are able to buy helmets for mentally challenged individuals at any time.  The only question would be your ability to offer these helmets to your patients.  If you are their primary caregiver, then you may be able to order these items because they […]

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