Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Choosing Helmets as Part of your Special Needs Equipment

When you are choosing what special needs equipment you need, it may be wise to include helmets in your selection.  The reason for this is that helmets are designed to protect you from injuries associated with falls.  This can be useful for people with epilepsy, where a seizure can strike without warning and cause you to fall.  It can also help the elderly who have problems with balance.

Finding the right size helmet for your Special Needs Equipment

It is easy to get the correct sized helmet for your special needs equipment.  All you have to do is measure around the crown of your head.  You should measure about one inch above the eyebrows and above each ear.  This is often easier to do if you have two people working together.  The other person can help insure that you keep the measure level with the floor and that you get an accurate measurement.

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