Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Where do you ship your Equipment for Special Needs

We ship our equipment for special needs anywhere in the world.  We do not limit ourselves to shipping only in the United States, so you can order our helmets anywhere in the world.  You can also order them to be delivered to a different address, so you can order from home and have a helmet waiting for you when you arrive at your vacation destination.

Should my child take Equipment for Special Needs on Vacation

When your family goes on vacation, you want to have fun and relax.  It is very hard for a parent to relax when their child is in danger of injury.  Taking along our helmets as part of your equipment for special needs children makes the vacation a fun event for everyone.  You do want to be careful that the children do not get irritants under the helmet, such as sand, but you also can wash them every night so they remain clean and fresh smelling.

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