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helmets for head banging

Protect your Children with Helmets for Head Banging

Helmets for head banging are a great way to protect your children from self-inflicted injuries.  Children who suffer from this disorder often hit their heads on solid surfaces, such as walls and floors.  Our helmets are designed to resist this type of impact and lower the chance that your child will suffer a serious cranial injury.

Using Helmets for Head Banging Children

Our helmets are easy to use and are more comfortable than most other brands.  They are made from EVA rubber foam, so they allow air to flow through the helmet.  This keeps your child’s head cool and helps evaporate sweat.  Using helmets for head banging children is as easy as fastening the strap under the chin.  Our helmets are designed to allow full 180-degree vision, so you children will not feel confined or restricted.  They are also washable, so you can keep the helmet clean and use them for years.

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