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Safety Helmets

Protect your Child with Safety Helmets for Head Banging Disorders

While safety helmets for head banging disorders may seem odd, it is important to help protect these children until a solution is found for their specific type of disorder.  These children may have instances of spasticity that lead to them banging their heads against a wall or the side of the bed.  This can lead to a cranial injury that may make the illness worse.  Our safety helmets are designed to prevent injuries to the skull and offer parents a feeling of security, knowing that they are helping protect their child from injury.

Where can I Purchase Safety Helmets for Head Banging

If you are visiting our site, then you have already made the first step in getting helmets for head banging children.  Our helmets are designed to afford the best protection against cranial injuries, while still allowing your child a full field of vision and the ability to play.  Parents who order our helmets are taking the first step to helping their children lead a safer life.

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