Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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equipment for special needs

How are helmets considered Equipment for Special Needs?

Children and adults who need equipment for special needs often have problems that can lead to cranial injuries.  These can be from falling or incidents of self-abuse.  Our helmets offer protection from these injuries, making them fall under this category.  You can even purchase our helmets for children or adults who suffer from disorders such as hemophilia, which can lead to excessive bleeding from any type of wound.

How does Equipment for Special Needs help people with Hemophilia?

The reason that our helmets can be considered equipment for special needs people who have hemophilia is that they protect the head from injury.  Head wounds are the most likely to involve large amounts of bleeding, which can be life threatening for someone with a disorder such as hemophilia.  Made with the best rubber foam available, our helmets are tested by professional sports teams to insure that they can resist impact and lower the risk of head wounds.

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