Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Helmets are Special Needs Equipment

Helmets are Special Needs Equipment

One of the main problems for special needs children is damage to their heads when they fall or have seizures.  Our helmets are special needs equipment designed to protect the skull of the child, so that there is no danger from these types of injuries.  Our helmets give them protection from banging into walls or floors.  Many special needs children have problems with balance, so our helmets help them if they have a moment of disorientation and accidentally run into a wall while playing.

Children who need Special Needs Equipment

Children who suffer from seizures or lack of balance, like those with cerebral palsy, often require special needs equipment to protect their heads during falls.  During a seizure, they do not have the coordination to protect their heads, because the muscles in their arms also seize.  They can also fall because of the damage caused to their inner ear, which controls their balance.

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