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Helmets are Special Needs Equipment for Children

While adults often learn to recognize the signs of an impending seizure, children are often caught unaware.  This is why helmets are considered special needs equipment for children who suffer from disorders such as epilepsy.  They often do not recognize the impending seizure, so are more likely to fall and injure their skull during a seizure.  They may not know to get to a safe place, such as a chair or couch, and sit down before the seizure starts.

Can anyone order Special Needs Equipment for Children?

While some special needs equipment for children must be ordered with a recommendation from a doctor, our helmets are available to anyone.  This means that you can order a helmet for your child, regardless of the circumstances.  Even if they only suffer from mild versions of disorders such as epilepsy and spasticity, you can still make them safer by purchasing our helmets.

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