Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Helmets are Important Equipment for Special Needs Adults

Adults who suffer from different disorders can benefit from using our helmets.  They are considered equipment for special needs and are able to help with several different disorders.  They are useful for adults who have seizures, either from injuries or from epilepsy, to prevent any injury to the cranium during a fall caused by a seizure.  They can also help with adults who suffer from cerebral palsy, letting them feel safer while walking or using a wheelchair.
Disorders that can be helped with Equipment for Special Needs

There are several disorders that can be helped using our helmets as equipment for special needs.  They are good for people who have experienced a head injury and may need to protect their skull until the wound has healed.  They also offer protection for the elderly, who may have problems with their balance.  They are even able to help people with hemophilia, so that they do not get injuries to the head, which cause uncontrolled bleeding.

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