Head Injuries Require Equipment for Special Needs

Head Injuries Require Equipment for Special Needs
April 13, 2014 Travis Burnett
Equipment for Special Needs

Children and adults who have to have head surgery can benefit from using equipment for special needs on a temporary basis.  Our helmets fall under this category and allow the skull to recover without any added trauma.  They can help by adding an extra layer of protection and give the skull time to heal before it is subjected to any further trauma.  This is especially important for people who have had cranial surgery and have to return to an active lifestyle involving work and family.

My Doctor Recommends Equipment for Special Needs Children but it is Too Expensive

The cost of equipment for special needs children can be very high.  Some insurance companies offer discounts on this type of equipment and may even cover the cost of temporary assistance, such as a helmet while recovering from surgery.  To see if your insurance covers the items requested, it is important to consult with your insurance agent and allow them to speak with the doctor making the recommendation.

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