Soft Protective Helmets for those with Special Needs

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Extra Equipment for Special Needs Children

Extra Equipment for Special Needs Children

Parents who purchase equipment for special needs children often forget one important item that many children need.  These children often need a helmet to help protect them from injury during a fall.  The children may also have a tendency for self-abuse, so the helmet can also protect them from these types of injury.  There are many instances of children needing helmets when they have special needs, so you should consult their physician to find out if it is necessary for their protection.

Are Helmets Necessary Equipment for Special Needs Children?

Depending on the type of special needs you child has, a helmet may be one of the pieces of equipment necessary.  We carry special helmets that are made to supplement any other equipment for special needs that your child may require.  Children may also need helmets if they suffer from diseases such as epilepsy, to help protect them in the event of a seizure.

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