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Employees With Disabilities Are Incredibly High-performing Workers

Employees With Disabilities Are Incredibly High-performing Workers

While most people don’t think of it right away, you are going to find that workers with disabilities perform just as well, if not better than you might expect them to, when compared to a regular employee. For example, if you hire somebody with a disability, the first thing you will notice is that they have the ability to perform their job just as well as their other co-workers.

People with disabilities are able to do just about anything. In some cases, they will need some special accommodations. However, employees with disabilities are incredibly high-performing workers.

In fact, employers benefit from them because individuals with disabilities are usually absent from work far less than other workers. This means that you won’t have to worry about them showing up to their shift and you will not have to scramble to get someone to cover because they called in at the last minute.

Furthermore, you will find that people with disabilities have a very low turnover rate and they tend to stay at the same job for a long time. Not only are they grateful for the chance the employer gave them, but they know how beneficial it is for them to have a job so they remain at the one where they initially started.

One of the most obvious benefits to the employer is the fact that it gets a hard working employee added to the workforce.

How the Employee Benefits

The benefits of the employee are great as well. 

When hired, workers will have a sense of accomplishment and pride because he or she has the chance to earn some money and work for a well-known company. Additionally, one of the biggest benefits when it comes to most places, is the benefits and insurance that comes with it. Just like an ordinary employee, a person with a disability earns the same pay, same benefits and will be held to the same standard as any other employee.

For Instance, Walgreens is committed to developing an excellent program that includes everyone. Walgreens ensures that it does its part to help get jobs to those that might have a hard time getting them.

You may find that people with disabilities are the most loyal employees you have on staff.

What Walgreens Does

While Walgreens vows to have 20 percent of their workforce made up of individuals with disabilities, the pharmacy giant is part of only a tiny fraction of the companies out there that are working hard to include people with disabilities into their workforce.

The success of Walgreens has helped to show both large and small companies how to make this type of program work. As a matter of fact, in both the United States and abroad, companies such as Best Buy, Lowes, and Procter and Gamble have started to follow the path that Walgreens initially took to get to where they are now.

In the beginning, there was a disability employment model in Walgreens distribution centers that saw around 10 percent of the workforce consisting of individuals who have disabilities. The result turned into more than 1,000 workers with disabilities now working for Walgreens.

Now, the retail giant wants to have a goal of around 20 percent of workers with disabilities. This amazing number is so that Walgreens can truly show other companies what is possible if you just believe in those individuals to get the jobs done.

Walgreens is now the gold standard when it comes to hiring individuals with disabilities.

In the world today, you will find that nearly 70 percent of individuals that have a disability and around 95 percent of people that have cognitive disabilities will never be able to hold a job down for any length of time.

TThe reason for this has nothing to do with their work ethic or the way they conduct themselves. Instead, it is a result of employers rarely providing such individuals with a chance to succeed at a job. Luckily, companies like Walgreens, P&G, Lowes and The Home Depot has set out to fix that with its new program that ensures individuals with disabilities have a chance for gainful employment with the business chains.

Do you want to learn more about employees with disabilities? Check out the legal section of our resource page where you can read about The Americans with Disabilities Act.  Do you run a business that supports special needs people and treat them well? Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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