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Resource Page for Seizure Sufferers

Resource Page for Seizure Sufferers

When you or someone you love is suffering from seizures, it can put your mind at ease to know as much information as possible. The tricky thing is that you don’t know where to start.

We’ve put this guide together of all the best resources and information available for seizure sufferers and their families.

There is information for people who have been newly diagnosed, information for new parents and communities where you can find people who are going through the same thing that you are.

Through this guide we hope that you can learn that you are not alone. Others are going through the same thing. It is manageable.

Check out the links and the different resources’ aims and values.

Guide Number One

    • The Epilepsy Foundation is a national non-profit with about 50 local organizations in America. It works to prevent, control, and cure epilepsy through community services; public education; federal and local advocacy; and supporting research into new treatments and therapies. Definitely the guide number one to learn about Seizure and epilepsy.

Newly Diagnosed

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