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Do Helmets count as Special Needs Equipment for Children?

Do Helmets count as Special Needs Equipment for Children?

Many schools only let children use items in the classroom that are specifically designated as special needs equipment for children.  This can include helmets, if they are required or recommended by your doctor.  Children who need helmets are often subject to different types of disorders that can lead them to serious head injuries, such as seizures or periods of self-abuse.  These children need to wear a helmet when they are playing or even walking outside, and to protect their heads if they fall during a seizure.

Getting Volume Discounts for Special Needs Equipment for Children

If you work for an organization that would like to get volume discounts for special needs equipment for children, please contact us for pricing.  We do offer discounts, but they vary depending on the number of helmets you require, and the type of organization you represent.  You can call us at 800-710-9545 for more information.

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