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Common Causes of Seizures and Effective Home Remedies

Common Causes of Seizures and Effective Home Remedies

There are many causes of seizures, which are generally defined as changes in the electrical movement of your brain. This can bring about sensational, perceptible indications or even no side effects at all. The side effects of a serious seizure are generally perceived, including vicious shaking and loss of control. Notwithstanding, gentle seizures can likewise be an indication of a critical restorative issue, so it is very important to recognize them. Since a few seizures can prompt harm or be proof of a fundamental medicinal condition, it is imperative to look for treatment in the event that you encounter seizures.

Common Causes of Seizures

A little number of individuals will have one and only one seizure during their lifetime. A solitary seizure ordinarily keeps going under 2 to 3 minutes and is not trailed by a second seizure. Any typically healthy person can have a solitary seizure under specific conditions. For example, a sharp hit to the head may bring about a seizure. Having one seizure does not generally imply that a genuine health issue exists. In the event that you have a first-time seizure, you ought to be checked by your specialist. It is imperative to preclude a genuine ailment that may have created the seizure. Fever seizures are the most widely recognized reason for a solitary seizure and it is very common among children.

Causes of Increased Risk of Seizures in Teenagers with Epilepsy

Despite the fact that the hidden causes of seizures are generally not known, certain variables are known to incite seizures in individuals with epilepsy. Maintaining a strategic distance from these triggers can help you evade seizures and live better with epilepsy:

  • Missing medicine measurements
  • Overwhelming Alcohol use
  • Cocaine or other medication, for example, ecstasy
  • Lack of enough sleep
  • Different medications that meddle with seizure solutions

In around 50% of ladies with epilepsy, seizures have a tendency to happen all the more around the season of menstrual periods. Changing or including certain medications before menstrual periods can help a lot.

Home Remedies for a Person during Seizure

It is possible to treat a person at home during seizure, especially when the person needs emergency help.

  • Protect the individual from damage. A Seizure helmet can help a lot in this case.
  • Keep him or her from falling if it is possible for you, or attempt to guide the individual delicately to the floor.
  • Try to move objects or furniture that may harm the individual during the seizure.
  • On the off chance that the individual is having a seizure and is on the ground when you arrive, attempt to position the individual on his or her side so liquid can hole out of the mouth. But you have to be careful enough, do not apply much pressure to patient’s body.
  • Try not to constrain anything, including your fingers, into the individual’s mouth during seizure. Placing something in the individual’s mouth may bring about wounds to him or her, for example, chipped teeth or a cracked jaw. You could likewise get bitten!
  • Never try to hold down or move the individual. This can bring about serious damage, for example, a disjointed shoulder.

Bottom Line: An individual who has had a seizure should not swim, drive, operate machinery or climb ladders until he or she has seen a specialist about the seizure and the specialist has said that the individual is permitted to drive or climb ladders. People who are at a risk of seizure, need to use protective equipment like the Guardian Seizure Helmets or similar equipment.

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