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Autism Head Banging Helmet

autism head banging helmet

No greater frustration is possible for a parent or care worker than to see a child, teenager, or young adult injure him or herself through head banging. This baffling syndrome may affect those with several developmental delays or conditions, such as autism. While looking for relief from this problem for the person experiencing it, there is the necessity to protect this individual from possible harm. Cranial helmets for head banging are often effective to prevent injury. The use of an autism helmet for head banging has changed over the last generation, and as the conditions that cause this behavior are more commonly understood this type of protective equipment has evolved.

Myths about Head Banging

Parents of children with autism or developmental disorders are often given well intended but poor advice regarding several common problems that stem from these conditions. When considering the use of helmets for head banging, some parents are assured that this pattern of behavior will go away if ignored, and that headgear is unnecessary. The information that if head butting or banging is ignored it will stop on its own is not only incorrect, but a dangerous myth. There are many theories regarding this behavior, but one thing is clear: the problem should be addressed seriously, and helmets for head banging fulfill a necessary function in protecting the child or adult with this issue.

Possible Reasons for Head Butting or Banging

Even a child with no delays sometimes engages in this behavior, often due to physical illness or pain, as from an ear infection or extreme physical discomfort. Many therapists who routinely see patients with autism, delays, or other similar conditions believe the behavior stems from a need for self comfort or relief, or that this is simply another symptom of the condition itself. Therapists who see patients with these conditions frequently are the first to acknowledge the need for helmets for head banging, especially if the behavior is triggered often throughout a week. While helmets for head banging can’t stop the behavior, the use of this protection can help prevent the risk of serious injury.

The Need for Comfort in Cranial Helmets for Head Banging

The young person or child who is engaging in head banging will often remain fixed on this behavior for hours, or will spontaneously bang his or her head with an almost impossible force, risking immediate injury. Still, as parents and caregivers know, anything that an autistic child or adult is wearing can cause frustration or fixation if it is uncomfortable. Some makers of helmets for head banging or other at-risk individuals take this factor into consideration, and companies such as Guardian Helmets have protection that is light weight and comfortable.

Help with Head Banging

In the past, helmets for head banging were hard plastic and were less effective for the protection of those who experience this issue chronically. Newer special needs helmets for head banging are softer and more comfortable for the wearer and, along with their greater effectiveness, are able to provide a better quality of care.

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