Epilepsy Helmets

Guardian Helmet is where you can get a great epilepsy helmet.

An epilepsy helmet can be needed for any age and anyone who has epilepsy.  That is why here at Guardian Helmets we have helmets that will fit children and adults.  We want to provide a helmet that can protect our client’s heads in any situation and any place they may have a seizure.  Epilepsy is a serious condition that is caused for any number of reasons; most commonly, it occurs in children o those who have had a traumatic experience.  When you see someone having a seizure, you should always call 911 first to get them medical attention as quickly as possible.

You will find here at Guardian Helmets that we have several different sizes of helmets to ensure that the epilepsy helmet you get will fit perfectly.  One of the best ways to measure for a helmet is with clothe or paper tape to measure around the head across the eyebrows about one inch above and slightly above the ears.  This will ensure you get the perfect fit for the person and it should also be done by two people to ensure an accurate measurement.  You will find we have six standard sizes to ensure you will find the perfect fit for your special person.

When you need expert protection for epilepsy a helmet may be perfect

You will want an epilepsy helmet that will protect the head in practically any situation.  This way if a seizure occurs and your loved one falls they will not have any serious repercussions from their seizure.  That is why our helmets are made of the best EVA rubber foam to provide your loved one with the best protection from falls or other impacts that may occur due to their condition.  Along with protection, you will also be glad to know our helmets are made to be washable so you can keep their helmets clean and free of bacteria that can cause them to get sick and possibly make their condition worse.

Having epilepsy is a serious condition that should always be taken seriously.  There are many different types of epilepsy that can show up in practically any age group.  During childhood if a child has epilepsy the syndromes will generally be seen in well-defined cases and causes.  In adults, there are many things that can cause epilepsy to occur.  One of the most common is with trauma or carebrovascular disease these can happen and appear at practically any age.  If you discover you or a loved one has epilepsy, you may want to consider getting yourself or them an epilepsy helmet.  These helmets can provide you with added protection and you will worry a bit less about your loved one.

Here at Guardian Helmets we are proud to provide all of our clients with the best epilepsy helmet you will find anywhere on the internet.  We take the time to ensure our helmets are always at the top of today’s safety technology.  This will provide your loved one with the safest possible headgear you will find at a great price as well.







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